The bullets do not go there

Dashie can hold quite a grudge

Twi: This is just what I needed. Thank you, kind soul. Now I can begin my masterplan

((AHA! AFTER 7 YEARS, THIS ASK BLOG IS FINALLY UPDATED. This is all for the next 13 years, though))

The Writer: Why didn't everybody just keep there normal abilities( I'm talking about the flying and magical one. I didn't know how to spell pega…no pegua… you just forget about that last one it just stupid.

((Because they’re all essentially human. This ask blog is a take off from  the It’s Not Equestria Anymore comic on deviantArt, in which they all become human. I also want them to be as ‘human’ as possible, rather than gijinkas or anthros.))

@Discord, have you seen King Sombra? I hear he's a complete let down.

Discord: I hear he is a very fashionable chap

What? He’s not free. He’s just a hologram. Ponies do have that, right?

Bronies are scary. Yes they are.

W00, 101! 

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